Startup and Blowouts


Startups include starting and adjusting your system for optimal performance and coverage.  Our professionals check off these things when performing startups:

  • Turn on Point of Connection and check for leaks
  • Check backflow and blowout for leaks
  • Manually turn on each sprinkler valve and check each sprinkler zone for leaks
  • Check for proper spray pattern and reach of each sprinkler
  • Replace broken or damaged sprinklers if necessary
  • Check each sprinkler for damage
  • Note any damage on invoice and make suggestions for repairs if necessary
  • Turn on sprinkler timer and reset times if necessary
  • Replace battery in timer
  • Run a test on the sprinkler system to ensure the valves operate with timer



Protect your sprinkler system from costly damage during the winter.  Have it blown out by our professionals before winter hits and the ground freezes.  Contact us today to schedule before winter arrives.